Extreme couponing questions

I will answer any extreme couponing questions you have

Understand coupon terminology. Double coupons mean that you can double the value of a coupon up to a certain number, and triple coupons mean you can triple it. Look for stores that take and advertise these kinds of coupons. Ask for rain checks. Rain checks allow you to go into the store and get a coupon for the sale price of an item when it is restocked. Some coupons specify "No Rainchecks" so you must get to the store early on in the sale to ensure the coupon will be valid for a purchase.

Check if there is a Val-Pak coupon book in your area. This company gathers coupons for many different products and services that are specific to your area. Go to Valpak. Sign up to receive Val-Pak coupon books on the first of each month in your mailbox. They are free to you. If you do not want to receive this mail, you can also simply search the online database for printable coupons.

Not all Val-Pak coupons are available online.

Sign up for email coupon newsletters for the stores on your list. This will require you to enter a few personal details, and you may choose to receive monthly coupons in the mail. If you don't want your regular or work email to be cluttered with weekly newsletters, create a new email address just for couponing.

You can check the email once or twice a week before you go shopping. If the store sells your information to another company, they will not have your personal email. Search online coupon websites. Look on CouponNetwork. Print them and file them by expiration date and type of product. Read online couponing blogs.

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Use search engines to find product-specific coupons. If you have some favorite brands, but you can't find coupons, then type "product name" and "coupon" into Google or Bing and search for coupons.

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  • Keep in mind that there are some fraudulent coupon makers. Judge by the trustworthiness of the site and the user reviews whether you are finding an acceptable coupon.

    Extreme Couponing Tips

    Call the store if you have questions. Advanced coupon clippers search for coupons on eBay. Many people sell packs of coupons for a low cost. Look for "Buy Now" in this case, so you can avoid a coupon arriving after its expiration date. Pay attention to reviews from the seller, and focus on this for the products you buy in large quantities. Look for coupons on Facebook. Find a manufacturer or store profile and "Like" the page.

    Check your Facebook news feed for new coupons daily. Online couponing is an excellent place to start the practice because you can control the amount of paper you keep and target your search by product, store or season. If you like to surf the Internet, you may not want to go on to newspaper coupon clipping.

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    Call your newspaper to inquire about a weekend "Couponing special. Spend about 1 hour or less in the grocery store. Use TrueCouponing. Use the True Couponing coupon database to find coupons.

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    Only show shoppers in areas that double coupons. Obsessed that you can never miss a single deal. We know if we miss a deal, it will likely roll around again in a few weeks. Encourages questionable means of couponing strategies. Only promotes ethical use of coupons. Needs a little extra storage like an extra closet or shelf but NOT an entire room.

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    Extreme Couponing vs True Couponing

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