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The commissary and exchange savings are nice. And getting the 30 percent discount is just the beginning. Here are a few of the other resources available:.

For National Guard or reserve service members who live far from an installation, the Defense Commissary Agency created the commissary on-site sales option. This is how it works:.

The Defense Commissary Agency DECA Coupons

When you spend time in another country as a service member, the SOFA between the United States and your host country protects your legal status as military personnel in another nation. Luckily for active-duty service members, your privilege to shop in military stores is almost always covered under the SOFA.

View a directory of installations. Skip to Content. Commissary and Exchange — Resources Most service members know about the cost savings available when shopping at the commissary or military exchange.

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Commissary and exchange resources The commissary and exchange savings are nice. Most exchanges have generous return policies.

Commissary Coupons and Deals

Get all your uniform needs : Everything you need for your uniform is at your exchange store. Go Green : An initiative by the Defense Commissary Agency to cut energy costs and protect the environment, the commissary builds energy-efficient stores and recycles whenever possible.

This is how it works: A host commissary coordinates with a National Guard or Reserve Component unit of at least local members for an on-site sale.

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The team sets the sale's location, date and the items to be on sale. The on-site sale targets National Guard and reserve service members, and any authorized personnel can enjoy the sale — and the extra savings. Our military service families appreciate your assistance.

DECA Coupons

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